Winning Campaigns - Cannes 2012

Cannes Lions has been inspiring Creativity for 60 years. This lesson briefly presents the Titanium winning campaigns of 2012 - most prestigious award - a category which stands for breakthrough ideas and rewards brands doing something good. Take notes!

by Adela Sescu
1 year, 9 months ago

Titanium Grand Prix for Nike+ FuelBand

Agency: R/GA New York 

Name of campaign: Make it count!

Nike+ FuelBand takes a thing that was for runners and makes it into a mass product. It's such a massive idea. said Jury President Rob Reilly

Nike+ FuelBand is an activity-tracking bracelet which tells you the time, steps taken, calories burned and fuel points and motivate you to do more through its online social app- basically, it turns fitness into a social network. 

Why is it so amazing? First, Nike goes where consumer goes. Targeting youth and young adults, Nike shifted from traditional media to social media (dropping its TV commercial budget with more than 40%) and followed its potential consumers, by creating innovative . What's more, the product persuades each user to become more physically active, and it connects people no matter their  background. For this, I think Nike won the award.

The video presents a review of Nike+ FuelBand program and applications.

Cannes Lions 2012 Cyber Lions Grand Prix Cannes Lions 2012 Titanium and Integrated Lions Grand ...
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Titanium Lion Award for Kraft Foods

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Boulder, USA

Name of campaign: Ted Williams fight hunger

Ted Williams was only a homeless ex-radio announcer man with a “Golden Voice” until Kraft Foods discover him on YouTube, where a video of him became amazingly popular. Soon after, Ted got a second chance in life and was made the voice of Kraft's macaroni and cheese. This campaign impressed the jury not only by the story of rescuing a homeless man, but mostly by the way Kraft stood by Ted, rather than dropping him from the campaign, after he ended up back in rehab.

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Titanium Lion Award for Colombia’s Armed Forces

Agency: Lowe-SSP3, Bogota

Name of campaign: Rivers of Light

This campaign was created to encourage armed guerrilla fighters to desert the FARC
movement and to invite them to spend the Christmas with their families.

The only way to reach guys in the middle of the jungle is using the river. They don't have smartphones, or technology. said Fernando Vega Olmos, a judge and chairman of JWT's worldwide creative council 

So they took thousands of Christmas balls that were later released in different rivers of the country. All the balls were accompanied by messages and gifts from relatives and friends plus the next message: DO NOT MISS THIS CHRISTMAS, COLOMBIA AND YOUR FAMILY ARE WAITING FOR YOU. DEMOBILIZE. AT CHRISTMAS EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. 

Clearly, Rivers of light is amazing due to its ability of looking outside any traditional or new media, and engaging Colombian people to reunite for a noble cause. But, apart from being an emotional campaign with huge media impact, critics talk about its practical aspect, as the agency claims a significant rise in the number of demobilizations as results of its campaign; however, it is almost impossible to verify its achievements- how  significant those increases are and what caused them.
Rivers of Light by Lowe-SSP3 won a Titanium Cannes Lions at the 2012 Gala. It ...
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Titanium Lion Award for Honda Motor

Agency: Dentsu, Tokyo

Name of Campaign: Connecting Lifelines

Honda’s campaign was design right after Japan was rocked by a massive earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, starting with one simple idea: to show people which roads were usable and working.

Honda used its Internavi tool to track traffic conditions and created an easy-to-understand visual map. It’s amazing how fast they implemented this product and help deliver rescue workers, heavy equipment and supplies. It’s truly a fascinating example of how technology can help a struggling nation get back on its feet.

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Titanium Award for American Express

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Boulder

Name of campaign: Small business gets an official day

America Express’ Small Business Saturday is basically a shopping day right after Black Friday. Its main goal was to help small businesses across America be successful by getting more customers. A remarkable marketing campaign was build to communicate the importance of small businesses; customers were challenged to step up and publicly pledge to shop small even by Barack Obama, the president himself. Through Facebook, small businesses were able to use Small Business Saturday page to connect with shoppers. American Express offered  $25 credit for hundreds of thousands of consumers who registered on Facebook page to use at a small business.  This campaign started in 2010 and now, after two years, US Senate declared Small Business  Saturday an official day. To sum up, it’s no small thing for a brand to create and associate itself with an official day.

Click on the link below to play the video.
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The Cannes Lions Festival is the biggest global award show for those working in marketing and communication, but more than that is an opportunity to celebrate great ideas and learn from the best. In the following lessons I’ll approach some of the mentioned campaigns and describe each step of the creative process and show you how an agency (such as Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Dentsu, Lowe-SSP3 or R/GA) can create a breath-taking communication campaign.

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1. Nike+ FuelBand, by Nike
2. Ted Williams Fight Hunger, by Kraft Foods
3. Rivers of Light, by Colombia’s Armed Forces
4. Connecting Lifelines, by Honda Motor
5. Small Business Saturday, by American Express
6. Conclusion
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