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In cooperation with the creative agency UncleGrey, jean brand ONLY created an interactive and storytelling video, The Liberation, which demonstrates the way e-commerce is evolving. It’s a fashion catalogue, movie, music video, and the world’s first on demand-online-video-retail environment. 

by Adela Sescu
1 year, 10 months ago

Let’s look at a brand that has created value through a truly personalized experience.

TARGET: The brand wanted to interact directly with consumers, involving and enticing the audience to become an active part of the brand. They also wanted to make it easy for the consumer to buy, like, pin, tweet and drive more traffic to

The creative solution was an online interactive film experience called The Liberation, a video that captures the spirit of the ONLY girls- young girls and women aged 16-25.

So, ONLY launched its 2012’ summer collection, ONLY because we can, with this video telling the story of three ONLY girls who make a visit to an unexpected sleepy town and meet up with an innocent local girl who ends up taking a leap towards independence in the most fun-filled, adventurous way imaginable (Don't obey all rules. Go have fun instead | ONLY because we can).

At it’s up to the user to decide how they want to engage. At any moment during the film, with a simple click the film freezes, turning into an interactive fashion catalogue and from there you can browse, like, pin, tweet and buy. Moreover, the viewer is not only a passive observer, one gets to control the action in the most tension moments: turn the key when a mob of adults is running towards the car, steel a pair of jeans at a party or pick around a tree to watch a naked boy.

What’s even more beautifully done is the music, a specially adapted version of Lunes great song Let Go, which sets the desired mood of teenage restlessness. And when the video is over, your personal experience is summed up into a collage of your adventures created with downloadable, sharable, and buyable assets.

If you haven’t had the chance yet, click on the link below and watch the movie. You can also have a look at the Behind the scenes, a detailed breakdown of the different steps in making this.

Steal some fun with ONLY's SS12 collection! Click to try out the full interactive ...
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Emotion and storytelling, on the one hand, beautiful and sexy detailes, on the other hand. The design, the visuals, the music, the sharing options, the branding- everything is absolutely stunning.  And all the above made the campaign an unbelievable success. In facts,

-       3 Cannes Lions Awards: Gold Lion in the ‘Retail and e-commerce’ category and two Siver Lions for ‘Interface and Navigation’ and ‘Photography’

-       442% increase on interaction with

-       1 million views across 100 countries

-       280,000 unique visits

ONLY is outstandingly beautiful. The jury saw it as an expression of the next step. We are moving up. It is seamless in every way – the sound is fantastic and every single frame is amazing. This is a fine example of doing e-commerce. Jury Chairman and Executive Creative Director of Google Creative Lab USA, Iain Tait

You're invited behind the scenes in the making of the award winning The Liberation ...
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Another amazing example of combined entertainment and service for e-commerce brands is ASOS' Urban Tour website. Created by advertising agency, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, the Urban Tour  “is a viral, digital and social feat comprised of a series of shoppable films” showcasing the online retailer’s 2011/12 collection for men.  BBH's insight was that young men look to fashion on the street for inspiration, rather than traditional fashion sources. The focus therefore turned to culture, sports and the street. As a result, the films invites the audience to watch some of the world’s most skilled urban musicians, dancers, designers and artist in action across the world - London, New York, LA, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai – to explore what inspires their style. While they dance, the user can stop time to find out more about them and their clothes, and can browse size and colour information, adding the items to their basket.

Results: The initiative gained 7.36m global views in just 11 weeks, and led to an 

additional 500,000 men visiting within three months. A total of 14% of
viewers purchased within seven minutes of watching the content.

Watch now on The ASOS Urban Tour: The ASOS Urban Tour ...
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As I see it, there are two main observations that you not only have to remember, but also apply: first, think about your target - you have to know what they think and what they are dreaming of. Second, give something back – ONLY agrees to entertain you, to offer you free computer wallpaper downloads and even a free MP3 of the amazing soundtrack. Small hint for you: Give your viewers a little reward for spending time with your brand or organization. And even if you’re not making a sale with every viewer, your website will be shared, tweeted or pinned.

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