Leo Burnett (Brilliant Ads)
Leo Burnett is an Advertising Executive who shinned during the "Creative Revolution" in the 1960s. He was named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people of the 20th century. His own firm became the 10th largest advertising agency in the world."The greatest thing to be achieved in advertising, in my opinion, is believability, and nothing is more believable than the product itself." - Leo BurnettThis lesson is a collection of his brilliant ads. made during the years. I created this lesson to be as a guide for all the beginners out there, to learn, follow, and create.
by Eman Sayed Fathy
2 years, 7 months ago
Model: Grand Cherokee Jeep 2011

Position: Luxury

Target Audience: Jungle Explorers (Males & Females) who cares for investing in luxury and items that can endure the perils of their lifestyle.

Analysis: Leo Burnett Mexican agency chose a list of the most luxurious items in every human being’s life like a piano, a gold watch, an original painting, etc. in order to show the jungle’s effect on them. We will find the piano’s wood to be eaten by ants, the gold watch to fall off a tree after being mishandled by a wild animal and gets broken, the painting to fall into a water fall and gets destroyed, the LV bag to be torn by a crocodile’s sharp teeth, the chandelier to be put off by rain. Stating that “Not all luxury survives out there” meaning the jungle’s tough life and to be followed by the entry of the new Jeep of Grand Cherokee 2011 through a shallow river with its speed, and strong, luxurious figure. So, it’s only Grand Cherokee new Jeep that can stand against time and wildness without forgetting the luxury where the target audience falls into.

This commercial was produced by Leo Burnett Mexico City for Chrysler Jeep.
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Model: Bajaj Majesty DX7 Iron “Fold Aid Box”

Agency: Leo Burnett Mumbai

Position: Extra benefits

Target Audience: Females above 18 years old, for example: Housewives.

Males between the ages of 21-40, for example: Well-organized personalities.

Analysis: Leo Burnett Mumbai chose to highlight the extra benefit of the product which is the product’s packaging design! Instead of producing a fancy throwaway Cardboard box, this packaging transforms into a valuable aside that helps people fold clothed neatly preventing it from being crumpled. The ad shows a girl ironing a shirt and she follows ironing by folding every piece of clothes via using the iron package which is called “Fold Aid Box”. So, the main point is that you are not only buying an iron, but a folding assistance also. (No Text was used in the ad)
This packaging design was created by Leo Burnett Mumbai. The box for the iron serves ...
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Model: Miller Genuine Draft Beer

Agency: Leo Burnett London

Position: The cold and purist beer

Place: “Raiffeisen Bank” big building

The Making & the main idea: Agency chose the idea of presenting something nice in the city Which was through cleaning a big building in London as a way to show how purification can reveal the extraordinary, and the meaning of extraordinary for them was drawing a whole art work of birds, flowers, and plants “Beautiful Nature Charm” on the whole buidling. And, in order to make it exciting, and instead of painting it, they were actually cleaning the building to form the drawing!

The work had taken 3 days. During the night the image was to be set, and during the day, the cleaning would take place. At the last day of the making, the first shot of the ad were taken during the sunset.

Text used: Cold filtered to reveal the extraordinary.

Cast Members:

Richard Ingram – Marketing Manager – Miller Genuine Draft

Craig Addy & Stuart Royall – Creatives – Leo Burnett London

Lynn Fox – Directors

Andy Kelly- Art Director

Lasse Frank Johannessen – Director of Photography – The brilliant eye

Romanian Crew

Developed by Leo Burnett, the 60 second commercial, entitled 'Clean Streets', features a group of ...
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Duration: 60 second commercial
Title: Clean Streets
Target Audience: Youngsters, Males & females between the ages of 18-35.
Analysis: Features a group of artists that go out at night and create using clean art, a spectacular natural scene on a drab, grey city building, as the voiceover explains "Sometimes it's what's underneath that counts, you just have to reveal it".

Making: 1st scene was taken as the artists were waiting for the sunset to get over to start drawing during the night with loads of water used for cleaning.

The voiceover explains: They say it’s what’s underneath that counts, you just need to know where to look, may be you need to dig a little deeper, strike the back, smoothen it out, it will blow the surface, filter it!

Ad ends with striking Miller Genuine Draft beer bottle to shine brightly to the surface ofthe image with a text stating: Cold filtered to reveal the extraordinary.

Miller Genuine Draft is cold filtered to give it a distinctive smooth, refreshing taste. To ...
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Brand: Tampax

Agency: Leo Burnett US

Duration: 12 minutes Film

Target Audience: Female teenagers’ ages 13-15 who are having their PMS for the 1



Making & Analysis: The video starts with a small brief in 2 minutes about the making of the Ad.

The Ad tells the story of a boy called Zack who is 16 years old. It tells the story when one day he woke up to find himself more like a girl. The boy starts to tell his story about how overnight he was changed into a man who got female genitals. The Ad takes us through his first 8 days of being a girl, how he is treating to understand the changes he is going through, trying to reach for the help of others but gets stuck when he got to explain the changes he is going through for the first time in his life. The Ad will even take us through his 3


day when he had to use the men’s toilets and comments on how men are pigs for being unclean and how he needs to hover like a girl. You will see how his personality is coming to a major change with how he is treating his sister, the way he is being emotional during watching movies, and his nightmare while playing soccer. At the end, the ad comes to its main point which is how awesome Tampax can change a girl’s life. The Ad shows the boy going through his PMS and having it for the 1


time during his French class at school, explaining it’s pain and the nightmare that every girl has to go through while being unprepared and a tampax would save your day!

Credits: The ad has been credited by “The Guardian” for being the best ad to show what a girl is going through during her 1


period. Also, it has been twitted across as the funniest ad and others. 

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Brand: McDonald’s

Agency: Leo Burnett London

Position: McDonald’s is for everyone!

Duration: 60 seconds

Making & Analysis: The ad was during the South Africa Fifa World Cup of 2010 showing that McDonald’s is one of its official restaurants. The voiceover explains that McDonald’s is there for everyone either you are a football hater or lover while showing a variety of MacDonald’s lovers starting from the youngest as kids up to the oldest as old men. The ad was shown using the main phrase of “Just Passing by”. The ad presented kids coming to McDonald’s after playing a football matching describing them with kids with filthy knees who are just passing by! The work crew who are eating McDonald’s either at work during a football match or presented in a McDonald’s branch for not being interested in a match.

It also highlighted the Wi-Fi service for internet lovers.

Leo Burnett has created the next instalment in the McDonald's brand campaign, reminding us ...
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Brand: McDonald’s

Agency: Leo Burnett Puerto Rico

Position: McDonald’s Breakfast makes everybody happy

Making & Analysis: They wanted to prove that McDonald’s breakfast can make everybody happy, and to do so, they used the most popular radio show in Puerto Rico to contact every employee who is late for work and regardless their reasons for being late, the target was to help them to prevent ending their career and make their bosses happy.

The radio host was taking the responsibility of calling the late to work employees and later to call their bosses, making a deal that they will make it up to their bosses by bringing them breakfast. And, not only for the day, but for a whole week!

The ad also highlighted the affordable price of a McDonald’s breakfast meal which is $2.95

The ad was a combination of texts and dialogues.

The result: That day bosses and employees had a reason to say “I’m lovin’it!”

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Agency: Leo Burnett Beirut 

Duration: 05:14 minutes

Target Audience: Female above 18 years old.

Making & Analysis: The Hariri Foundation in Beirut wanted to address gender inequality in Lebanese society through their "Women Empowerment Program". The agency chose to do so by tackling it in the people's daily vocabulary, it has been noticed that in Arabic language, any word is automatically referred and been pronounced addressing the male gender which makes females felt excluded! That was through the grammatical sign in Arabic language which is called Kasra (Accent). Kasra is used above the word to address males, and under the word to address woemn. As Kasra also means habit, they provoke women to take the "Kasra" accent and place it below the word for taking the habit of getting things moving with a simply action!

They started their campaign with teasers while using the most three powerful words (Responsibility, Willpower, and your Rights). And, women where asked to add the Kasra under the words to be addressed to them.

The campaign has been also taken through TV, Radio, and magazines. Posters and big billboards as been also used for audience interaction and even men was moved.

The campaign was been promoted through the most famous show in the Middle East "Star Academy", also been promoted and supported with the help of the Prime Minister of Lebanon and the Minister of Education. 

This Campaignable act was the first of its kind in the whole Arab region proving that a sample act with a huge impact is a great example rather than a big ad with no impact.

The Khede Kasra campaign by Leo Burnett Beirut that won a gold Lion in Cannes ...
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1. Chrysler De Mexico Jeep
2. Bajaj Majesty DX7 Iron
3. Film Making of “Clean Streets” ad of Miller Genuine Draft Beer 
4. Miller Genuine Draft Beer Ad "Clean Streets"
5. P & G Tampax - Zack Johnson
6. McDonald's lovers and the Fifa World Cup 2010
7. McDonald's Breakfast (Radio ad.)
8. Khede Kasra Campaign
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