Leadership Through Innovation by Alyque Padamsee

Alyque Padamsee is aptly known as the Brand Father of Indian advertising. He played Mohammed Ali Jinnah in the movie Gandhi and is an accomplished filmmaker, theatre personality and an advertisement guru. As the former CEO of ad firm Lintas and AP Advertising Pvt Ltd., Mr. Padamsee has been a creative advisor to many top brands and is known to have created more than 100 brands, including the most iconic ones to have appeared on Indian Television. In this lesson AP talks about leadership through innovation. 

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If you want to understand the future, you have to create it.


Innovation means doing something that other people have not done

The first thing you need to understand about entrepreneurship is innovation. If you’re planning to start with something someone has already done, it is advisable not to start at all.Being an entrepreneur means thinking differently from the people who are already in the market. Jet Airways, the prevailing king of the Indian skies, was created on just this simple idea. The ideawas to create the experience of a 5 star hotel in the skies and this approach laid a rock solid foundation for the airline.

Enthuse, Not Enforce

An entrepreneur will always have an innovative plan and energetic passion, but to put things in motion, the entrepreneur will need a team. A team needs to be led with innovation. A leader should be able to enthuse his or her team, and not enforce or instruct them. This approach keeps team members energetic and as Alyque Padamsee puts it, enthusiasm leads to energy and energy definitely leads to success. The most successful people have always been energetic. They are always on the move and want people to move with them.
Watch the following Video for a living legends insights into leadership. 
TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2012 Leadership through Innovation Alyque Padamsee
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Your vision statement is the trigger

What is a vision statement? Someone who gave out a great vision statement was Edmond Hillary, the first person to climb Mt. Everest. Contradictory to popular belief, Hillary’s vision statement was not “To Climb Mt. Everest”, but it was “To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before”. The great Mahatma Gandhi had a vision statement too. It said “Quit India.” India rose as one to overthrow the British Raj, and all because of this simple vision statement. These two words revolutionized the history of a country. Another good example is that of Anna Hazare, whose vision statement was “India Against Corruption”. Summing it up, any statement that binds people together with a common cause is a good vision statement.

Motivation Without Force

We all know that motivation is like a drug, it needs to be administered from time to time. However, the most effective kind of motivation is motivation with a smile and without force. It is important to create a family of professionals, and not a company. Another important thing that works in an organization is rewards or incentives. We, as humans, are hard wired to react positively to incentives. However, from an organization’s point of view, giving incentives in the form of gifts, rather than money, has always been more effective. It adds a human touch to the process. This is again a very fine example of leading through innovation. 

In the attached video you will learn how simple yet powerful ideas can become foundation of transformative impact. 
TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2012 Leadership through Innovation Alyque Padamsee
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We all know that the human brain has two hemispheres - the left hemisphere, which supports the rational aspect of thinking and the right hemisphere, which supports the creative aspect of thinking. Now, for these to function we need to provide our brain with inputs and the best portals of inputs are our eyes and ears. It has been seen that the eyes appeal to emotions and words appeal to rationale. Thus, 
if you show people an idea, it will appeal to them and motivate them more than words. And that is the power of visualization.

Watch the concluding video for some brilliant examples of visual communication.

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TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2012 Leadership through Innovation Alyque Padamsee
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1. Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
2. Importance of The Vision Statement
3. The Power Of Visualization
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