Future of Search and Entrepreneurship with Amit Singhal (Google Fellow) & Vivek Bhargava

The next big thing in search is it's power to redefine the way we experience knowledge or information. In this lesson we’ll learn about the future of search, entrepreneurship and how search is breaking the barrier between knowledge and the seeker, one technology at a time. 

Amit Singhal, senior VP search and Google Fellow, gives us an exclusive insight into the search process from its inception to its implications, entrepreneurship and why one should always do what they love to do.

by TiE Mumbai
2 years ago

Amit Singhal a data scientist and a PHD fellow under Gerry Salton from Cornell College, talked how doing what you really love can take you and your organization at a height where no one can touch it. And it is this love for users that makes Google, Google! In Amit you will see an inspiring leader, who can make you see future ideas come to life and becoming more entrepreneurial. 

In the following video this Search Guru speaks about his life, work, dancing monkeys, the magic of “Doing things for love of it” and how all that Search became a wonderful tapestry woven with the underlying entrepreneur in each employee at Google. 

TES Talk 01 'Future of Search' - Life and passion of Amit Singhal
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To take a peek into the future of search, we first need to understand the DIKW Pyramid which is based on the hypothesis that, 

Data simply exists. It becomes Information by human interaction, which becomes Knowledge by inter-conversion of different forms of information and you can make decisions based on it. Wisdom comes from repetition of the DIK cycle.

When Google started it’s mission to ‘Organize the Web’, it converted the data spread all over the web universe to serve it’s users the information in form of search results. Learning through user interactions, the bar was raised to serving knowledge in form of direct answers to questions, such as what is the height of Eiffel tower? Or say by factual information about the topic users search. This was made possible by Google's Knowledge Graph Technology.

In future, search experience will move towards becoming more like human interactions. It will become like smart personal assistant that knows you well enough, to predict and assist user needs more wisely. 

Lets understand this first hand from ‘The Guru’ through his Fast Food Analogy.

TES Talk 01 'Future of Search' - How search is getting re imagined
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Kurzweil’s AI will be designed to analyze the vast quantities of information Google collects and to then serve as a super-intelligent personal assistant. He suggests it could eavesdrop on your every phone conversation and email exchange and then provide interesting and important information before you ever knew you wanted it. It sounds like a scary-smart version of Google Now.

There’s no more important project than understanding Intelligence and recreating it. I do envision a fundamental approach based on everything we understand about how the human brain [works]. And there are some things we don’t yet understand so I plan to go off and explore some of my own ideas about how certain things work.

Kurzweil’s claims are certainly bold, and some have criticized them as hopelessly naïve. Indeed, it’s easy to dismiss any predictions he makes because of the outlandish ones he’s made in the past. But Kurzweil is nothing if not a brilliant inventor, and he indicates that at Google he’ll be rolling his sleeves up and doing real engineering. It’ll be fascinating to see how far this remarkable project takes both the inventor and the company.

Following Resource is an must watch Video Interview. 

Read Full Article at Singularity Hub: http://singularityhub.com/2013/01/10/exclusive-interview-with-ray-kurzweil-on-future-ai-project-at-google/ In an ...
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Entrepreneurs need to deal with many challenges in their journey. Some key challenges faced by entrepreneurs are:

  • Creating and managing growth
  • Staying focused on the vision and purpose 
  • Running uninterrupted operations while scaling up.
  • Building Teams with Unified Vision
  • Getting the best out of each person 
  • Creating a scalable culture of innovation
  • Resisting temptations and staying focused

In this section, Vivek Bhargava, CEO of iProspect Communication 2 and one of the pioneers of digital marketing in India speaks to Amit to get some of these questions answered. 

Here we will learn about importance of creative destruction in creating better user experience and problems technology hasn’t solved yet.

TES Talk 01 'Future of Search' Q&A with Amit Singhal
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Amit and Vivek answer the audience on a wide range of questions covering topics such as:

  • Trends in Technology
  • Building real businesses that works.
  • Importance of “User comes first policy”
  • Ad Words and Search Marketing
  • Importance of continuing to do the things you love to do
  • Life as an Entrepreneur
Amit’s advice: The mission comes first in what you do. Always do what you like to because if you are happy with what you do, you will be more creative. Second in line comes the importance of team without which an entrepreneur cannot succeed.
Vivek’s advise: Stay focused, resist temptations, have faith in what you love and don’t give up till you succeed.
For more Entrepreneurial insights follow topic TiE Summit Lessons.

TES Talk 01 'Future of Search' Q&A Amit & Vivek answers audience's questions
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1. Do It Only for The Love of It - Life and work of Amit Singhal
2. Where Search is Heading?
3. Ray Kurzweil Plans to Create a Mind at Google
4. Entrepreneurship Lessons with Amit & Vivek
5. Q&A with the Audience
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