Coca Cola ads. and Concepts
Coca Cola is the brand that touched everyone's life, starting from kids to grown ups. While starting your advertising career it is always advised that you study and follow the previous successful Ads and brands. And, as Coca Cola traveled worldwide to affect lives and share happiness with its fans gaining their loyalty and awareness, please take this lesson as a collection of its most interesting ads. as a memorial of "Coca Cola" love story to guide you through your first steps in the Advertising Industry. Notice and watch how do they deliver their concept of happiness and how can they touch you emotionally with a simple act!
by Eman Sayed Fathy
2 years, 7 months ago
About the ad: The Border ad is one of the very touchy ads as it first shows the tensed feeling among two soldiers from competitor countries that even a flyer paper between their borders can cause disturbance. But, as always when it comes to sharing a coke bottle, happiness is spread  and conflicts fly away!
Such greatness of ad is shown through its concept of the happiness that nothing can stand against. 
Concept: "Open a coke, open happiness"

Duration: 01:02

Border tells the story of two soldiers from rival nations who are able to put ...
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About the Ad: A creative ad of love with the help of Coca Cola. Two teenagers at a library, attracting each other's attention with creative drawings, the boy wins her heart by drawing a coke liquid pouring in the waiting iced cup of the girl in a love story scheme. Concept: “Desire on the Coke Side of Life”Duration: 1:00
Strange Love - Best Coke Ad ever Music: Koop: Strange Love Reclama Coca Cola, Coke Advertisment ...
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Year: 1996About the Ad: During the 1996 Cricket World Cup, this ad was targeting the Indian audience therough their love for the game.Note: Be aware that whenever you want to introduce your brand, the colour and the logo are one of the most important things to be well known by your target audience. Such powerful colour like "Red" for Coca Cola can be easily identified among others!Concept: Brand Awareness.

Duration: 1:04

I searched for this ad on the entire internet for two days and finally found ...
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Year: 2011About the Ad: Based on Data available in Public Domain collected over the last 10 years   this ad has been made targeting all kind of audience from nature's lovers, kids, peace lovers, etc. for the concept of "Coca Cola is for a happier tomorrow"Duration: 01:01
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This video is a collection of nine of the best Coca Cola ads and in between each ad, comes a very short and funny Coca Cola ad targeting the major audience of football lovers. It shows a guy celebrating a goal with different kind of characters. Ending with "
Football on the Coke side of life" quote. Details of ads are as below :
  1. The coke machine: Its concept is taking you in a journey inside the Coca Cola machine showing you with how much happiness a bottle of coke is made. It isn't just another machine of soft drink, it's the machine that produce happiness!
  2. World Cup 2010: This ad is for the World Cup of 2010, shows a video game of a football match takes place, followed by a huge celebration with Coca Cola among different nations. Closing text used “What’s your celebration?”
  3. Grand Theft Auto: An ad played as a video game shows a thief turns good while the song singing “Give A little love and all comes back to you”. It shows The Coke side of life of the love and happiness spread by Coca Cola.
  4. Lola: Represent a random guy singing "Lola, Lola" infront of a TV shop while drinking a bottle of Coca Cola, and the workers inside the shop takes his video to share it all over the city. Adding music, people dancing, and sharing the happiness. Once the guy finishes his coke, he found himself shown on a big screen in the city's square.

    The concept here is “Music on the coke side of life.” And, the target audience are music lovers everywhere!

  5. Avatar: a funny ad shown in a city of avatars where the love of Coca Cola is shared. Open happiness in the city of avatars!
  6. Ringtone: A china ad of a guy trying to get the attention of the girl sitting beside him at the bus station by faking a ringtone coming out of a bottle of Coca Cola, answering and saying "It's for you". Coca Cola happiness can be shared in creative ways too!
  7. Heist: An amazing heist of Coca Cola bottle from a man during his nap in the park, done by a ladybird with the help of bees and locust insects. The ad shows the forgiven heist done for the sake of sharing the Coke happiness with all other insects and the marvelous butterflies who played their role as faking the shape of a coke bottle. Concept "Coca Cola is for all" and "Share the happiness"
  8. Christmas: A simply ad for our beloved holiday "The Christmas" showing the big trucks of Coca Cola traveling around the city bringing the light and the happiness of the holidays.
  9. Polar bears: A little bear separated from his mum and brother, afraid of the cold water to swim in it. The mum opens a coke and here it goes, the baby bear is swimming all the way to his mum. Nothing can stand against the love of a Coke!

Duration: 10:00 
This video shows a compilation of the most beautiful Coca Cola ads. Simply sit back ...
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1. Coca Cola - "Border" ad.
2. Coca Cola - "Strange Love" ad
3. Coca Cola - India no. 1
4. Coca Cola - India no. 2
5. Collection of Coca Cola Ads
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