Building Personal Brand with Mahesh Murthy, Ramesh Srivats & Poonam Panday

The panel discussion on building personal brand using digital media was undoubtedly one of the most interesting. While Poonam Pandey set the house on fire, Ramesh Srivats brought the house down with his wisecracks and Mahesh Murthy kept the knowledge flowing.

But one thing where everyone emphasized the most was ‘Being Yourself’. You can’t have different personality offline and online. It doesn’t matter if you are a person or a brand. Having a personality helps you a great deal if you maintain consistency everywhere.

There is a widespread belief that if you do your best at work someone will notice. In many cases, unfortunately, that is not enough. Changes in technology and the economy have led a growing number of people to realise that if they want to get ahead, they have to market themselves – whether they are employed or self-employed.

The buzzword is being thrown all around the place when it’s coming to career and job search conversations. 

Whether you’re on the job hunt, whether you are a student, or an employed personnel wanting to change career- the key is to plan it like business leaders. 
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1 year, 11 months ago

While self-help management techniques are about self-improvement, the personal branding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging. The need to manage your own reputation has surpassed the boundaries of offline and has successfully planted itself in the online media. 

The TiE Entrepreneurial Summit panel talk on 'Building Personal Brand on Digital Media' talked about the scopes of building your personal brand both offline and online: this lesson being the digital native’s bible evaluating 3 case studies who are actually rocking the online boats getting over 10 million hits a day and Rs. 80,000 for a single tweet! Are you still asking yourself 'why should I care?'

Building your career is not enough. In this lesson we will share 3 digitally beautiful people who've made it big online; people from 3 very different facets of life who broke the online media clutter armed with 3 equally different strategies: Humor, Digital marketing and seduction.

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Call it self-marketing, personal branding, professional development, or any other buzzword you'd like. In any case, both finding a job and climbing the career ladder are all about investing in the business of you.

Whether it is your individualism, your kinky spunk monkey attire, your food, your photography, its essential to do what you do best on online medium to build your brand. It's as simple as that. 

Always remember the 4 P's of Traditional Marketing, which stand true even in the virtual world of Digital Media.

  1. Product: Be Consistent and Recognizable
  2. Price: Know Your Value
  3. Place: Recognize Your Niche
  4. Promotion: Communicate Your Brand
To construct your brand, imagine that you are going to construct a building. The first thing you do is dig a big hole. At the bottom of the hole are your talents. You can discover them but you cannot change them. You might have a facility with words or numbers or for connecting people or public speaking. You are likely to have developed one or more of your talents into specific skills.

The next step is to identify your main archetype. This will help people to understand who you are and what you do within seconds of meeting, reading or hearing about you. 

The twelve archetypes used in personal branding are: the caregiver, the creator, the explorer, the hero, the innocent, the jester, the lover, the magician, the ordinary guy, the outlaw, the ruler and the sage. 

Once you identify your main archetype, your task is to evoke it through the way you speak, write, dress and behave. If you evoke your main archetype consistently, people will understand immediately how you work.

TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2012 Building Personal Brand on Digital Media Poonam Pandey, mahesh murthy,Ramesh ...
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Follow @ipoonampandey

Twitter celebrity, Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2011 and a shining example of how personal branding online can make you famous overnight. It’s hard to believe that about an year back, no one really knew the girl who raised quite a few eyebrows at the Plenary in TiE Summit. 

After an eminent strategist found in Google Zeitgeist that Poonam Pandey stood 2nd among the fastest rising people on the web in Google Search India, 2011, he also Tweeted about it. National media made a lot of noise about it (no surprises there).

Though classified as “not very moral publicity” according to the media, we say any publicity is good publicity and what happened was pure awesome. In her endeavor to be a Twitter Celebrity she did a few things right:

a)  Utilize Popular Mainstream: She checked the upcoming events and utilized IPL- one of India’s premier Cricket platforms that millions of Indians watch.

b)  Provide an incentive: Incentive works everywhere; its human nature. It was nudity she offered. Something that is not quite unique, but used in a way that no one has done before. 

c)  Build a team: She has 17 people to take care of her social media image who are active, informed and responsive.

d)  Innovate: Innovating new ways to entice people has always been a good marketing strategy. People are "what's new" crazy and that's what she aims for to maintain her social image. In her words; 

i think of twitter all the time. I think of my 'twits' everyday. Think how we can do something new 

e) Hatch an image and stick to it:  Back your image and continue to be who you portrayed yourself to be. That's when you establish a cult following for yourself. When someone from the audience asked Poonam Pandey as to where does she sees herself after 2 years, the 21 year old diva bluntly replied: 

I really don't know. I think of new ideas everyday and hopefully I'll be able to do justice to whatever I do, good or bad

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A recent tweet said;

Yeah. Once in a while is okay. RT @firstpostin Congress: Pak should understand that such acts will not always be tolerated.

Armchair thinker, excessive drinker, occasional writer, wants to be lighter, Ramesh Srivats's choice of weapon is humor - pure unadulterated fantastic sense of humor. Does he have an extra gland for humor? We don't know. What we do know is that he has an uncanny ability to make "bizarre connections, between completely disparate things." 

He jokes that his "weirdness" has been carefully nourished with essential nutrients like whiskey and beer". The funny man, who is an alumnus from IIT Chennai and IIM-Ahmedabad, also happens to be a serial entrepreneur, which by the way, is his 'real' job. He runs a company called 'TenTenTen' that creates web and mobile apps, which help cool brands connect with cool customers. Speaking about his work, he says;

The more senior I became in advertising, the more number of people laughed at my jokes. But I think, the fact that most of the people who used to laugh at my jokes were reporting to me, was just a coincidence.

Known for his witty one-liners on Twitter, the world definitely needs more people like Ramesh Srivats.

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If you’re grooved to the Indian media and are active on social networks, you just can’t ignore Mahesh Murthy. With 5500 Facebook followers, 47152 Twitter followers and more than 11,000 LinkedIn connections, he is nothing short of a celebrity. He is an influencer 2.0, a venture capitalist, Pinstorm (An unique pay for performance digital marketing agency) founder and Seedfund managing partner. But what he is really known for, is his 'online 24×7' status and his quirky tweets. 

Tweeting since April, 2008, Murthy's tweets are clearly 'intelligent sarcasm'. Refering to Godman Aasaram Bapu's comment about the Delhi Rape Victim in one of his recent tweets he says; 

So, technically, if his mother had addressed his father as "Bhaiyya", Asaram Bapu could have been avoided? :-) 

You cannot help but follow him!  Quirky tweets that are also informative, Murthy is simply Twitter-invincible. So what did he do to build his own brand in the digital space? 

In this digital world, people don’t necessarily get their news and information from websites or TV channels. They get it increasingly from other people. The new medium isn’t digital: it’s you and me – and the places we talk.
Well, its just people and the magic of retentive information that made Murthy one of the best 'tweeters' in India! 

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College students and young entrepreneurs must think of personal branding broadly in order to be successful and land a job, internship and other professional opportunities. We have seen artists such as Shawn Carter, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey and the Kardashians create global brands that span across industries. Although these examples are exclusive to the entertainment realm, there are many other examples in other industries such as Marshawn Evans, Melinda Emerson the Small Biz Lady, J.K. Rowling and Martha Stewart.

In the United States, 89% of recruiters and HR professionals surveyed find it appropriate to consider professional online data when assessing a candidate; 84% of them think it is proper to consider personal data posted online. A similar trend is now issueing in India, which has a considerably more number of potential internet users than almost any other country in the world. Recruiters have fully adopted 'Googling' as the best practice with 90 % regularly conducting this activity.

Once you’ve found your “voice” and who you want to “serve” you can unleash your passion onto the world using an arsenal of free online channels to both achieve your goals and empower others. 

The above examples only scratch the surface.  There are many more – these are just a few. The important thing to remember is their results can be duplicated.  You really have no excuse…you don’t need a lot of money to start, you don’t always need to have skill (in the traditional sense), and you are certainly not required to be on the “most sexiest list” to find your passion, build your personal brand, add value to the online conversation, and empower others.

Ask anyone who has achieved any success and they’ll most likely tell you most of their success is a direct result of being part of a community – be it online or face-to-face (or both!).  It will take some time, but remember, doing the unthinkable is easier than you think.

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1. Social Media 'A new way of living'
2. The Crux - Be Yourself, Be Useful
3. Case Study 1: Poonam Pandey
4. Case Study 2: Ramesh Srivats
5. Case study 3: Mahesh Murthy
6. The Take Away
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