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Most businesses decide to start being on the social platform without charting out a communication plan to reach its target audience. And even if the communication is right, it is not conveyed as I call it –‘rightly’ to their target. In this Lesson, you will see how creative social media strategies have helped multiple business and people grow. Your marketing mix should be an ideal combination between communication and ideas. Whether you want to promote your brand or services or for that matter even a person, charting strategies and executing them with relevant creative will help your strategies grow. Remember the following points • Draw a long term strategy - know what you need to achieve • Break this into smaller plans • An extraordinary concept needs a hard hitting creative (you can opt for a creative agency to work kick-ass ideas for you) and lastly • Keep listening to your customers as they are going to do your publicity. (Word of mouth really helps and this is the only way to reach your long term strategy) Here’s some of the best creative jobs on social platforms. Needless to say, Social media has evolved their businesses multifold times. So are you game for it.
by Manisha Birla Maheshwari
2 years, 4 months ago

Check out this case study where AriZona Beverages has used their marketing idea with a unique creative social media solution. The right combination can seldom fail. Check this blog to know how they did it.

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New York University Entrepreneurship Professor Jeffrey Carr offers three tips for attracting new customers through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.


New York University Entrepreneurship Professor Jeffrey Carr offers three tips for attracting new customers through ...
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From using Twitter to Facebook, Google+ to YouTube, check out some creative social media marketing ideas that have stood out by their innovative practices.


Are you looking for some creative social media marketing ideas from businesses? Look no further ...
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The IAB speak with Tom Ollerton new business manager at Skive talks about how to be creative in and around all the social media channels.

The IAB speak with Tom Ollerton new business manager at Skive ( ...
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Local businesses can learn a lot from the social media marketing strategies of large, national, or international businesses. But one of the reasons consumers love social media is for the personal experience it provides.

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Digital campaigns have widely evolve from "home made" video to more professionnal one, we are now in a time where experience is the key word and where online and offline are connected to create the best experience ever. This presentation compiled by Gregory Pouy is only for sharing and I really hope you’re going to enjoy and experience the broad outlook one can get from a simple idea!

I know that you are use to see my best viral video every friday but ...
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1. Why Social Media is Nothing Without Creativity
2. Is your strategy right for Social Media?
3. Case Studies: Creative Social Media Marketing
4. Creativity in social media
5. Creative Social Media Tactics to Conquer Local Competitors
6. BING - A Case Study driven by the Digital World
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