To learn, you need to be interested, to be interested, you need to hear. But it can get noisy out there on the internet. The never ending disjointed options mean that you can miss the good stuff. Most times, you don’t even know that the good stuff exists.
This is where LurnQ comes in. With it, you can build and enjoy your very own library, all in just a few swipes. Add topics of your interest curate your library and start learning. Instantly. Learn about any topic under the sun that catches your fancy. No fees to be paid, no forms to be filled, no classes to attend. And while you’re at it, you might be pleasantly surprised. You’re not the only one.
What is LurnQ anyway?
LurnQ is a unified, open online learning platform for learners and teachers. We also add the crucial social aspect that makes classrooms so much fun to be in. So, you can interact with other users, comment on the study matter, and follow interesting teachers and students. Crucial to the LurnQ experience is the Learn Feed and the Learn App, that make learning noise-free and simple. And if you want to teach, to a waiting audience- we have the Create Lesson App. It helps you create media rich lessons with neatly separated sections for each part of your lesson.
What is Technium Labs?
Founded in 2011, Technium Labs has a simple and straightforward mission: leverage technology to simplify online learning. Our vision is to develop LurnQ as the core learning utility that a learner would use ubiquitously on all devices. We want to create a unified and personalized learning experience for our users in an increasingly overwhelming digital learning environment. Thus, LurnQ becomes relevant for everyone interested in learning.
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